Sic Metal

The knowledge and the experience in the metallurgical sector acquired over twenty-five years has made SIC s.r.l. an important Italian reality in the wholesale trade of steels, metals and their derivative products and alloys.

Over the years the company has managed to develop and strengthen valuable and lasting relationships with the major steelworks and the main Italian steel centers.

This allows SIC s.r.l. to offer its customers a wide range of semi-finished iron and steel products with all their major alloys, as well as stainless steel, special steels, aluminum, cast iron and other non-ferrous metal products, by guaranteeing first choice materials of the best quality.

The materials are stored in the company’s own large warehouse, based in Gorizia, which has also a stock of metal sheets to allows a more rapid delivery.


A largest set of carbon steel products

Aluminum products and cast iron materials

Our offer of stainless steel products


  • Engineering industry
  • Plant engineering
  • Building industry
  • Agriculture
  • Handicraft
  • Transport


A large warehouse, based in Gorizia, which has a stock of metal sheet to allow a more rapid delivery.