SIC s.r.l. is a wholesaler present in two major sectors:

  • metallurgical sector: metallurgical products, their derivative products and alloys;
  • textile sector: professional textiles and accessories.

The aim of the company is to closely follow the customers and satifsy them, with a well-defined and articulated offer of products and services.


  • Experience and knowledge acquired over twenty-five years of activity;
  • A complete and prompt service, specifically created for each customer.

Founded in Gorizia in 1989, the company has immediately focused its attention on selling Italian products abroad.

Its geographical location has played a strategic role in the developement of its activity in foreign markets. Gorizia is in fact a small city located on the border between Italy and Slovenia, in which different languages, cultures and traditions melt.

Willing to get to know and appreciate the made in Italy abroad, the company has managed to consolidate its presence in the countries of Eastern Europe, that is, in the countries of the former Yugoslavia.

Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are still SIC’s main markets.


Being able to always find the right solution to the clients needs and to satisfy each of their requests is what makes SIC s.r.l. unique in its field.

Mariano Beuciar, Director of SIC s.r.l.

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