Sic Textile

The company is present in the field of professional textiles and of their accessories with the brand Giovanardi.

SIC’s strong and well-established partnership with the company Giovanardi, one of the most significant companies in the distribution of technical textiles both in Italy and abroad, has led SIC to be today their distributor in the markets of the former Yugoslavia and in the Balkans.

The offer is very wide and articulated, aimed to satisfy every particular request with innovative, certified and tested products, to always ensure the best quality and the highest performance for any kind of use.


Tessuti Sic

Textiles for awnings, designed for different uses and lifestyles

Textiles for indoor and outdoor furnishing

Classical textiles in natural fibers for various applications

Textiles for truck covers, industrial covers and structures, sgricoltural structures, pool covers, tensile structures, sport mattresses, safety barriers, speed doors, etc.

Ideal textiles for printing and advertising (front-lit and bifacial banners, backlit and flags etc.) supported by a line of tensioning accessories and systems for digital printing.

Features for covering and furnishing application in the yachting field and their accessories

Bodywork systems and components for industrial and transport industry (sliding roofs, rear doors, trailer flatbed, lifting systems …)


A line of technical accessories designed for those who work, transform and use Giovanardi textiles.

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